Tag: Railsテスティングガイド




1 Railsアプリケーションでテストを作成しなければならない理由

2 テストを導入する

2.1 Rails Sets up for Testing from the Word Go

2.2 The Test Environment

2.3 Rails meets Minitest

2.4 Available Assertions

2.5 Rails Specific Assertions

2.6 A Brief Note About Test Cases

2.7 The Rails Test Runner

3 The Test Database

3.1 Maintaining the test database schema

3.2 The Low-Down on Fixtures

4 Model Testing

5 System Testing

5.1 Changing the default settings

5.2 Screenshot Helper

5.3 Implementing a system test

★chromedriverが存在しないと実行できない。macOSの場合「brew cask install chromedriver」でインストール可能。

6 Integration Testing

6.1 Helpers Available for Integration Tests

6.2 Implementing an integration test

7 Functional Tests for Your Controllers

7.1 What to include in your Functional Tests

7.2 Available Request Types for Functional Tests

7.3 Testing XHR (AJAX) requests

7.4 The Three Hashes of the Apocalypse

7.5 Instance Variables Available

7.6 Setting Headers and CGI variables

7.7 Testing flash notices

7.8 Putting it together

7.9 Test helpers

8 Testing Routes

9 Testing Views

10 Testing Helpers

11 Testing Your Mailers

11.1 Keeping the Postman in Check

11.2 Unit Testing

11.3 Functional Testing

12 Testing Jobs

12.1 A Basic Test Case

12.2 Custom Assertions And Testing Jobs Inside Other Components

13 Additional Testing Resources

13.1 Testing Time-Dependent Code

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