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  • それぞれのiCloudでSafariのところにチェックいれるだけ。




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  • 以下の情報が役立つ?
    1. Before you do anything backup your phone, doing this to a computer is faster restore than iCloud but each to their own.
    2. From here, sign out of iCloud in the setting; when prompt if you want to keep the keychain data, choose keep on phone.
    3. Go Face ID & Passcode, enter the code to get in and change the device pass code to something different.
    4. Sign back into iCloud again; this is where things get interesting
    5. If you have 2FA authenticate the sign in, this is fine.
    6. It will now ask you to very the passcode from another device, this is where you would tap on forget passcode and then keep insisting through out all of the other similar prompt that you forgot the passcode on the other devices, even if you know it. Don't enter it in, this is part of the keychain reset process.
    7. Once you are done with this process, iCloud should ask you to either update Apple ID setting. Or if it does not then check if keychain it turned off, if it is toggle it on.
    8. It will ask you for an old passcode, choose later and then it will ask passcode from another device, choose forget again and insist you forgot on every similar prompt even-though you know it.
    9. Now it will ask you if you want to enable keychain, choose forget all passcode. Then it will ask you to reset any keychain, tap yes and you should be good to go.
  • 「6.」がポイント。変更した新しいパスコードを入力した後、iCloudを使っている他のデバイス(Macとか)のパスワードの入力を求められる。ここを「忘れた」としてiCloud Keychainのデータをリセットする。

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